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The workbooks to support achieving the Mandatory Induction Standards are a recommended resource to plan, track and to sign off achievement.   The workbooks are optional, but they do provide a clear pathway which health boards can adopt if they wish. 

NES have developed two versions of the workbooks in response to requests from health boards;

HCSW Reviewer workbook

Perhaps best seen as the "master copy", this version includes guidance for each stage of the process, including what is evidence, and whether the task needs to be demonstrated in the workplace.   It is a long document at 40 pages, but is does provide all the information in one place for reviewers.

Specifically it covers:

  • guidance on what new HCSWs need to do to meet the Standards
  • the questions and tasks which will provide the evidence
  • guidance for reviewers on what to look for in relation to each question

HCSW Workbook  

This workbook is written for new HCSWs and describes what needs to be done to achieve the Standards.  One of the strengths of this version is that it encourages new staff to take responsibility for their own learning.  It is important to agree who will write the answers into the workbooks and what will happen to the workbook on completion.

Sometimes joining a new organisation, or taking up a different role can reveal problems with reading, writing, numbers or using a computer.  It is important that any literacy needs are picked up early and handled sensitively.  In the resources section you will find useful links to support literacy in adults.