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Role of reviewer

Mandatory Induction Standards for Healthcare Support Workers (HCSW) have been introduced with the primary aim to protect patients and the public from harm.    The main task for reviewers is to introduce and work through the Induction Standards in the context of the real-world setting a new HCSW works in.  This is sometimes referred to as "on the job" induction activity. 

A reviewer has responsibility for four main tasks:

1.  Ensuring that new HCSWs understand how to meet the standards

2.  Planning and supporting the learning to achieve the standards jointly with HCSWs

3.  Reviewing their achievements against the standards

4.  Recording that the standards have been met

New HCSWs should be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, and raise any concerns they may have at the earliest opportunity.   As a reviewer, your knowledge of the workplace will be key in facilitating access to the right information at the right time.  Find out more about the benefits of the Mandatory Induction Standards, how to prepare to learn, and how to achieve the standards in the most effective way.