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Tools for planning

Project planning is a skill often overlooked when we start a project. 

Project leaders need to work on many levels - pretty much all at the same time.  Negotiating for resources as well as listening to people's fears, getting the right people round the table early.  All these tasks take time, but it is time well spent at the beginning of any role development project.  Think about the team who will deliver the project, the team's strengths and any gaps in their skills or knowledge.

Review the links to the resources on this page, do not be put off by the business language of some of them - project planning phases and tools cross boundaries easily as essentially they ask you to:

  • Be clear about what your project will include and exclude (often called the scope)
  • Identify the resources you will need, and any gaps or risks in what you are setting out to do
  • Set out how you will communicate with everyone involved
  • Commit to clear and measurable deliverables
  • Monitor progress
  • Make sure you have good governance and reporting systems in place 

Our Case Studies show the importance placed on good planning by the staff who have worked through some of the challenges.