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The exploring phase for healthcare support worker role development should be thorough and considered.  Taking time to fully explore the implications and knock-on effects of change will be time well spent.  Reading the case studies will give you some insight into the lessons learned in projects from across NHSScotland.

As healthcare support workers tend to be team-based, any change to their role will have a knock on effect for other team members.  It may increase the need for support and supervision, or require a member of the team to stop doing something they are familiar with.  Getting the whole team on board and keeping communication open about the change and concerns are key lessons from the projects we have worked with.

Try to think about the whole role you want to create from the beginning, rather than focus on specific tasks and competencies you want the person to have.  This will help you to get clear about the role parameters and how it interfaces with others.  Achieving this early can save a lot of time and energy later in the change process. 

Good questions to ask at this stage include;

  • What am I trying to change?
  • Who needs to be involved?
  • Has anyone else already done this?

The Q&As in the Case Studies section can help you get clear about the change you are trying to achieve.